The Unwinding Process

MIND = BODY. They are the same thing.

Bowenwork is not at all like massage, or acupuncture, or chiropractic, or anything else really! It is singular in its capacity to retrain the nervous system. The unwinding process initiated by a Bowen session can be thought of much more like talk therapy for the body:

Each session gently unpacks what your body has been winding up. I (the therapist) help illuminate areas of restriction, and they are gently encouraged to move. The “therapeutic intervention” feels incredibly relaxing to receive, but the process has only just begun. The real work happens off the table, when you are at home, in bed at night and your nervous system begins to attempt to wind itself down for sleep. Letting go is difficult and unwinding what the body has long protected can reveal lots of long hidden discomfort of all kinds… old symptoms both physical and mental/emotional flare as they unwind and are detoxed… it takes trust and faith in the process and one’s self to move closer to anatomical balance… This can not be rushed! Nothing can move until you choose to release.**

(**Note: often, inflexible thought patterns are our body’s biggest restriction**)


MIND=BODY. They are the same thing.

The nervous system needs to learn its own way out of restricting patterns in order to truly be free of their hold forever…. It will become easier as you practice. YOUR BODY IS AMAZING. YOU CAN DO IT! The length of this process varies per individual. Every week you come in for your Bowen session and it gives you a little “push” past the bigger restrictions. Easy movement and lots of water and rest encourage the unwinding after sessions. At my encouragement, you begin to investigate deeper. What are your habits? How good at learning to trust and let go are you? How creative can you be with finding new coping strategies?

The investment of 4 sessions, once per week for four weeks, is generally all one needs to see HUGE change emerge. Those who stick with this process are very handsomely rewarded! All the investment of time and faith and energy pay off big time. The clouds break, and good brain chemicals that indicate a return of anatomical & physiological B A L A N C E rush in.

One can continue with Bowen past the initial unwinding process . Each session will continue to reveal deeper layers and bring your body and mind closer to blissful balance. Relying on symptom relief will be a thing of the past.

Change is a constant in this world… flexibility is key : )

Responses to Bowenwork are, likewise, all individual. People frequently report:

— immediately better sleep
— increased energy
— increased overall mood
— big life changes (that they always/never knew they needed so badly)
— feeling amazing in their bodies, increased flexibility, increased stamina, better breath capacity
— being better partners and better parents, more productive workers
— no longer needing medications

the list goes on and on and on!


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