You may be thinking…. What just happened?

Bowen is a Process

You may have felt a lot of sensations during your treatment, or you may have felt very little… but whether you feel it immediately or not, your nervous system has been stimulated, and the unwinding of the Bowenwork process has begun. Though subtle to receive, this powerful process can quickly bring remarkable change! (It is important to remember to listen to your body – it knows what you need.)

During your treatment

Each treatment is made up of a set of procedures: ie, the neck procedure, the lower back procedure, etc.  There is a basic set of relaxation procedures that target the

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What is this “process” all about, and how can it help relieve the pain and tension you feel?

The Fundamentals

The Bowen technique operates on the fundamental understanding that when in balance, the body knows best how to heal itself. You may have heard this amazing fact before… but do you really believe it? It may seem difficult and philosophically complicated to believe that you hold the key to your own wellness – especially in your body… questions may arise: does this mean one also chooses pain and suffering? What is keeping me from finding balance? What about the people who say they have the answers? Who is right? The truth is, I don’t know the answer to these questions for you… but somewhere deep inside, you do.

The Bowen process gets you back in touch with yourself so that balance is not something you have to believe in or strive for, it becomes is something you can feel and achieve.

It’s all too easy to lose touch

In this crazy life, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the madness. Our bodies are amazingly resilient and capable!  Because of this fact, they are also highly sensitive and need our daily care and attention. We all do what we can to get through our days and our sensitive bodies faithfully help us wether the ups and downs. 

Simple fact: when you stop listening to your body, it screams louder.

Your body is constantly communicating with you – sending you vital information about the world around you every moment whether you are paying attention or not. Its overwhelmingly constant, and exhausting especially in this modern world. A quest for a simple meal could result in a traffic jam, a fight for a parking space, long lines at the grocery store, an assault of fluorescent lighting, the inner struggle to make a “good” choice based on a multitude of factors, triggered feelings about money and worth…  Ugh!   No matter who you are, being a human is hard! Life is REAL. In our mad quest to get through each day, most of us have adopted some form of detachment from our senses as a compensation to get by. These decisions to deny, dull, or postpone pain may have been conscious or unconscious. Over time, even a small sensory detachment can cause a big blind side in our ability to care for ourselves. 

Simple fact: when you stop listening to your body, it screams louder.

Pain is a way that your body communicates imbalance to you. Shutting off its communication (making the pain go away) will not resolve the imbalance, it will only further exacerbate it and trigger another compensation pattern. In order to best respect our bodies and help them to help us, we must re-learn to speak its language.

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Enter Bowen Therapy!

Luckily, your body knows how to do that too! And the process is simpler that you may think. Its not without its ups and downs. It takes trust of the process, of your body’s capacity to heal, and some resilience to move through potentially intense sensations.

Your session consisted of a series of procedures: the lower back procedure, neck procedure, shoulder procedure, and so on. Each procedure contains a set of specific “moves” usually performed bilaterally (to both sides of the body). Each move is performed over a precise bundle of nerves and connective tissue (fascia). The gentle mobilization of the highly sensitive tissue causes the nerves and fascia to be stimulated and mobilized.

Your Body is Seeking Balance

Your body is a remarkable sensory machine. As held places are gently released, the connective tissue moves toward its natural state of optimal balance. Performing the moves to both sides of the body stimulates balance and symmetry. You may have felt sensations of heat, pulsing, radiating, and twitching as your body readjusts.