What is Bowenwork®?

Bowenwork® (also sometimes called Bowen Therapy, Bowtech, Bowen, etc..) is a hands-on therapeutic bodywork technique that gently leads the body back to what every-body does naturally: heal itself.

Using gentle “moves” through soft tissues, the Bowenwork® practitioner assists a client to release “restrictions” or places of holding in the anatomical structure. Restoring structural balance in turn restores functional balance in all body systems.

Why should I get Bowenwork®?

Bowenwork® helps to restore the mind/body connection and structural/functional balance in all body systems. Therefore, not only can it pretty much help your body and mind heal whatever ails it, it also helps restore its natural ability to self-regulate! Meaning: you won’t have to get Bowen forever to feel better forever! Bowenwork® is highly effective, and gentle to receive. It can be done through clothes, and with a client seated if there are limitation issues. It can be used safely with all ages, and in all stages of healing. Here is a partial list of what Bowenwork® can help with.

What happens in a session?

I will have you fill out New Client Paperwork that includes a detailed health history. We will discuss all symptoms that you are experiencing now, or in the past. We may take pictures, and measurements to document your current structural alignment.

If willing, I will have a client disrobe in privacy and get underneath sheets and blankets on a massage table. If you prefer not to disrobe for any reason, the session can be done through your clothes. Your comfort is paramount to effective treatment.

Bowenwork® is best experienced in a meditative environment. I’ve got lots of options to cater to broad tastes in this category, but most people enjoy dim light, a warm table, and some white noise.

Throughout the session, I will be coming in and out of the room performing small “moves”, and then allowing your nervous system a vital two minute wait* to respond. You can imagine the Bowen move is like strumming a guitar. I “stick” my fingers to a point on the skin over specific soft tissue bundles. Without unsticking, I move slack over the bundle (or string), sink down until I am beside the bundle so I can create tension, then I “strum through” – creating a vibration that reverberates through the whole body. The vibration causes the nervous system to respond with release.

Each set of moves make up procedures. There are prescribed procedures for basic relaxation of the overall system, and procedures that target more specific areas or symptoms. A Bowenwork® practitioner’s goal is to use as few procedures as possible to help your body come into balance.

Think you’ve tried it all? What makes Bowenwork® different?

Way back in the day, thinkers like Galen (129-210AD) and DaVinci (1452-1519AD) fathered ideas comparing living organisms to the functional properties of two dimensional machines to describe movement using models such as levers and pulleys. Their ideas have thrived for centuries as the heart of Biomechanics, and create the basis for movement physics in Western Medicine. In light of modern scientific discoveries about connective tissue, these outdated comparisons are being proven reductionistic and limited when applied to a structure as complex and multi-dimensional as the human body. However, to this day, most allopathic Doctors, Nurses, PTs, OTs, massage therapists, and chiropractors, still learn and depend on the Biomechanic model.

What Biomechanics grossly overlook is the most current science about the properties of connective tissue (or fascia), its role in the body, and its influence on the global three dimensional structure. Using the most current, inclusive science available, a new anatomical model for treating pain and disfunction emerged in the 1960’s: Tensegrity.

Read this scientific research study to understand Biomechanics v. Tensegrity.

Watch this video describing Tensegrity using the model of a sailboat


Instead of treating symptoms in isolation, Bowenwork® seeks to treat the source of dysfunction and pain by addressing global structural imbalances.

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Bowenwork® is a process.

Every-body begins knowing how to regulate itself. Unfortunately throughout our lifetimes, harsh environmental and societal influences teach us behavioral patterns that cause us to separate from our natural self-healing impulses (called mind/body disconnect). For example, pain is generally viewed as a sign of weakness in society, and is seen as something to be avoided, or stoically endured. This in turn causes there to be an epidemic of shame and self-blame that further restricts long term pain. Another example: there is such a flood of conflicting information in the world that we no longer know who to trust! In turn, we become dangerously vulnerable and reliant on chosen authority figures who establish belief systems for us instead of seeking our own information and trusting in our own authority.

Its important to understand, before embarking on a Bowen journey, that Bowenwork® is a process. Each session initiates an “unwinding” of the connective tissues that will continue to move unless it meets a restriction that obstructs it. The long term goal of Bowenwork® is for a client to regulate their own nervous system by learning how connect the mind and body, thus initiating the connective tissue unwinding independently. This is a vital distinction to understand and really sets Bowen apart from other therapies: the practitioner is merely tipping over the first domino! The real “work” is self-driven discovery, and the most impactful releases generally happen between sessions.

Gentle to receive, yet intense to experience!

Its really important to know that discomfort will come up during this process. Pain is merely your body’s sensor communicating that something is out of balance. Re-experiencing past symptoms of pain is a positive sign that unwinding is happening! One of the most difficult things to learn is emotional detachment from pain, and trust of the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Every unresolved injury or trauma you have ever experienced in your lifetime is recorded in your connective tissues, and must be addressed (and in turn re-experienced) in order to be fully released. One must learn to “let go” of restrictions which can be a process both mentally and physically intense to undertake.

There is a reason your body and mind have been holding onto these restrictions.

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