“As someone who tends towards muscle tension and migraines, I was accustomed to thinking the “power” or “success” of a bodywork session was in its intensity. And while I’ve certainly tried “alternative” approaches to healthcare and wellness, I still lean towards the more “western” approach. Enter Bowen…it’s been, well, revelatory. It is not physically intense the way deep tissue massage or chiropractic can be. Instead, it is subtle and ongoing in its process. For me, it was as simple as the fact that I could not ignore the physical reality of its benefits. The releases I got on Laura’s table continued at home, and I felt the effects of a massage, but without the soreness I sometimes had the next day. Those physical releases in my body could not be merely my imagination, and further, they tended to be most extreme when I was most tired or sore – even if I hadn’t had a Bowen session in several weeks. For example, the most intense releases I ever experienced were the night after arriving home from a day of plane travel that had been proceeded by a week of uncomfortable sleep. I also had a moment of doubt where I told Laura that I wanted to do some deep tissue and Bowen…and I was wrong and immediately went back to just Bowen. I guess I had to learn that my body actually preferred Bowen, even if my mind still had to adjust to a new habit. I love the idea that my body has “learned” a self-care skill that it does when it needs to and that Laura is there to support that learning and care. The level of relaxation I have with Bowen surpasses anything else I have experienced. I trust Laura completely as a bodywork provider and healer and I say that having tried MANY MANY bodywork professionals before landing in her capable hands about 4 years ago and turning my husband into a full convert along the way. If I want to give a dear one the ultimate gift of love, I get them a gift certificate to see Laura. If you haven’t yet experienced Bowen with Laura, I encourage you to do so now. You will learn a lot and feel good in your body.

– L.D. October 2017

“I have been seeing Laura for massage for quite some time now, at least 3 or 4 years. Her work has contributed immensely to my physical and mental health during that time. As an athlete, I always found massage to benefit my recovery and endurance. But it was more than that–her work helped me more generally with stress-reduction and a greater sense of well-being.

Earlier this year, Laura started to tell me about changes that she was making to her practice, and talked to me about the benefits of the Bowen method. On one hand, it was a little counter-intuitive to think that I was going to benefit from a technique that has the massage therapist leaving the room repeatedly as opposed to doing 60 or 90 minutes of direct hands-on body work. On the other hand, I have such absolute trust in Laura at this point that I was willing to be open to her new approach. I’m glad I was.

What I’ve found is that I walk out of a Bowen massage feeling less “worked over” than I did with deep tissue work, but that the benefits of the massage–the injury treatment/pain managment/stress-reduction–seem to run deeper and last longer. I’m also finding that the work build upon itself–if I go in for a massage, heed the advice and do the exercises I’m given, the next massage is even more effective and beneficial.

I’d highly recommend Laura’s Bowen work to anyone dealing with injury, looking for ongoing body work as part of their wellness routine, or looking for help with stress-reduction and emotional well-being. In all of those areas, I’ve found her to be absolutely incredible.

– C.D. Octorber 2017

I had never heard or or tried Bowen Therapy before. I didn’t have any expectations. I have been to many bodyworkers in my life and am also a shiatsu practitioner. I had 2 sessions with Laura doing Bowen. First, Laura was so professional and made me feel very safe in her care. The results of the Bowen treatment were amazing. After just 2 sessions, my body was already feeling so much more aligned. My neck usually cracks every day and it pretty much stopped. My lower back/hip pain went from a 60% to a 30%. My shoulder pain almost completely went away.I definitely want to reschedule with Laura again. My body responded so quickly to each treatment. I could not recommend this more!”

– V.B. October 2017

“I have always subscribed to massage for ongoing body care and maintenance as a dancer and casual athlete. I also have always subscribed to deep tissue massage only, believing that my muscles responded ‘best’ to that particular format of treatment; I grew accustomed to the pressure and the sensation of deep tissue massage, breathing through the pain, and thought that without this, nothing was being accomplished. Laura recently introduced me to Bowen and I am in true awe at the changes after just two formal sessions. I was inspired by her passion and the way she spoke of the practice, as well very curious about a format that focused not on the muscles per se, but on the fascia, which struck me as a refreshing and innovative approach. I was available and excited to experience massage in a new way and am so excited and curious about the results I am already feeling. I highly recommend Laura as a practitioner as well as her application of Bowen. Laura is a healer through and through and her intuition as well as exceptional ability to hear her client’s individual needs is remarkable.”

– S.B. October 2017