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It is with great excitement and a heap of bittersweet emotions that I announce Laura Hill Bowenwork will be moving out of Portland mid December, 2018!

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Laura Hill specializes in:

  • Mind-body integration
  • Autism Spectrum disorders
  • LGBTQ & clients in the arts
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Migraines/TMJ
  • Mensies, conception & all stages of pregnancy
  • Bodywork for kids
  • Motor vehicle accident recovery
  • And so much more!

Laura Hill Massage [Bowen]

It’s all about balance

Our bodies are incredible sensory machines.

When the body is in balance, all of its systems (which are suspended in fascia) innately find harmony – meaning no more pain, increased energy and flexibility, better sleep, enhanced mood, and vitality for life!

Bowenwork® is the perfect tool to gently remind your body how to reset and balance itself.

OR LIC# 15656


“I’d highly recommend Laura’s Bowenwork® to anyone dealing with injury, looking for ongoing body work as part of their wellness routine, or looking for help with stress-reduction and emotional well-being. In all of those areas, I’ve found her to be absolutely incredible.” – C.D. [see more]

Laura Hill Massage [Bowen]